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Creativity vs Logic

2009-12-16 19:59:44 by Skelo

Logic is using a razor you bought at the store to shave. Creativity is using a large wood axe you found by the garage to shave because you didn't have a razor handy.
Logic is more effective, and gets the job done easily, but creativity is way more kick ass.

I know what I use to shave.


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2010-01-11 17:52:13

I also know what / use to shave.
Wait, what?

Skelo responds:

It's an I in italics jackass. I can't help that it looks like a /. Try it. The italics were for emphasis.


2010-01-16 15:29:41

uh... curious thought. But I believe I will stick with a razor. Creativity is best used under a creative circumstance. That is good logic.

Skelo responds:

If you use a razor, your favorite color is probably gray. Not dark or light gray either. Just a neutral gray.


2010-01-18 11:10:02

I think you're right about that !